Training Sessions

Beginner Basics

An orientation to the basic philosophies and skills of Chinese Kenpo. Includes physical and mental training.

Relaxation and Low-Back Strengthening

Learn Far East methods of reducing stress, and easing low-back pain. Physical training, with a focus on deep breathing.

Personal Safety, Self-Awareness

Are you a target for violence? By changing a few personal habits, you can decrease your risk of personal attack, and increase self-confidence. Physical and mental training.

Customized Courses

Let us construct a focused program for your specific needs. For individuals or groups. Available upon request.

Chuan Fa
Tao Te Ching

A way of life. The serious student begins the journey towards complete physical, mental and emotional peace. The learning is in-depth; the journey, like life, has no true end.


The basic training fee is $60 per month. The fee covers one 1/2-hour private lesson and one group class each week. Session content and class times are tailored to meet individual needs. Students must wear appropriate work out clothing; a gi or kung-fu uniform is required.